Sunday, February 12, 2012

Makin' Groceries

Quite a haul!
Around here, Sundays are for laundry, grocery shopping and just generally getting prepped for the coming work week. So that's what I did today. I woke up late, started some laundry, then bundled up for the roughly two-mile ride to the grocery store. Since I do my shopping by bike, I have to be as efficient as possible with my purchases. I try to limit myself to one trip per week because the closest decent grocery is the opposite way from all other places I tend to visit. For the past year, I've gotten pretty good at buying just what I need for the week, and nothing more.
It felt every bit of 24 degrees when I headed out this morning. Oh, I also faced a 22mph headwind on the trip to the store. To be honest, I much prefer a headwind heading out, because usually that will be a tailwind on my way home, as was the case today. I say usually because in my experience, the wind has a funny knack for shifting directions while I'm at my destination, causing a headwind situation coming and going. Those trips are the worst.
But I survived the ride, rather uneventful, as usual. There was still a lot of salt out on the roads from the snow we got here yesterday, but no big deal. I guess there also seemed to be fewer people out as well, probably a result of the snow as well. And by people, I mean cars. I won't bore you with the details of my actual shopping trip, except for the picture below: my haul. This actually isn't very representative of my usual weekly purchase; I've got plenty left over from last week since I had a few meals away from home last week. Two other reasons for the difference this week relate to the upcoming holidays. Since V-Day is Tuesday, all related goodies were marked down, so I got some cheap dark chocolate and brownie dough. Score! Also, it's Mardi Gras season, and though not really observed here in Amish country, I was happily surprised to see King Cakes in the bakery section! (taste test update: the cake was OK, not great, but not terrible) Anyway, I loaded everything into my Nashbar panniers, bundled up in my pea coat, wool beanie and ski gloves and headed home with the aid of a great tailwind.
Later, I'll probably lube my bike chain and switch out my headlight batteries, as I've noticed it's gotten dim lately.
I think I'll start tackling some bike-related social issues in the coming week. Is there anything you, dear reader, would like to know more about?
I'll see you out there.

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